My life is all about "Art" & "I" as my name suggest. I Love being an RJ so that I can entertain my listeners through information, fun and lot of music. I love to talk on any subject and have a good sense of humor through which I try to create a fun, energetic and interactive atmosphere. I am walking library on Bollywood and Indian movies. My immense passion for music keeps me ever energetic in my shows. I have knowledge on current affairs, social trends and have a keen sense of fashion as I am also a FASHION DESIGNER.


I'm so Indian that I (almost) share my birthday with Mahatma Gandhi. (Being a day late is okay, I suppose) 
I'm into travelling, music, art, reading and moreover I'm into a big time relationship. Haha. Not really.
I adore Gulzar, Piyush Mishra,SRK,Ayushmaan khuraana who've inspired me to grow as a presenter,writer beyond boundaries. (Reached the boundaries of the states, Moon is on the radar)
Talk to me and I'll answer in songs. Try me. Gaana aye ya na aaye, gaana chahiye.

Host of shows : God Tusi Great Ho.... and Bollywood Masala Chai


Host of shows : Evening drive time show "Drive Me Crazy".

MC Vicc

Monica is very passionate about music, especially great melodies that tug at your heart. She feels that music can create relations and connections in numerous ways, across languages, regions, religions, time, space and paradigms. People are at different stations in their life but music is a leveler of sorts, you can be Bill Gates or just a person guarding the gate but both of you may love the same kind of music. That just shows the depth of your personality.

An ardent lover of Sufi music and Dance numbers, she is as much a contradiction herself as is her choice of music. So if you a looking for a fun filled mid -week, mid-afternoon couple of hours, something to push away the mid week blues, tune into Radio Chai for Monica's Show! You will love it!

Host of shows : The Monica show, Wednesday 1-3 pm

RJ Monica Kharkar- Mahajan