RADIO CHAI will have talk and music appealing anyone interested in South Asian lifestyles in the United States with its main focus on the Community and YOU!

The Mission and Focus of RADIO CHAI is to meet and exceed the standards of the founder, Mr. H. R. Shah, while offering quality, informative, compelling and cuttingedge programming to our audience. Our programming will appeal to a vast range of listeners from kids and teens to parents and elders as determined by "strategic research" that was compiled to determine "what" the South Asian audience was missing from "their" radio dials.

RADIO CHAI will use multiple forms of "social media" to keep the shows going even when the hosts are off the air. Instead of shying away from technology, RADIO CHAI chooses to embrace it. Listeners can currently access RADIO CHAI on multiple platforms from smartphones to pc’s, to a "Landline Listen Line," to verbal interaction on "Facebook", to "cd quality" sound on an HD (high definition) FM frequency and of course the "old reliable" standard FM radio.

RADIO CHAI brings you the best in music from Indian films, pop albums, Independent artists, as well as regional music, and also broadcast news, discussion programs, and movie reviews. RADIO CHAI covers news, along with music and events for South Asian Americans.(From India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka).

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